The Cast of Impractical Jokers Take the Stage!

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Coming to the Marina Center stage on Friday, March 22 is the cast of Impractical Jokers. Tickets are only $32, doors open at 7 pm with the show starting at 8 pm. This is open to those 18 years and older due to adult content. So gather your friends around and prepare for a night to witness Sal, Q, Murr and Joe partake in hilarious antics and amusing embarassment. 

RSVP to the event on Facebook and invite your friends! Book your tickets online or by calling 402.412.4103 to reserve your tickets today!

Book a room at the Marina Inn Hotel and receive a special rate starting at $94 when you mention you have tickets to the Tenderloin's comedy show! Before the show, bring your ticket to Kahill's and receive 10% off. 

About the Group

Lifelong friends, these four guys have been on a mission to embarass each other to the max since childhood. Sal, Q, Murr and Joe have been daring one another to do the most embarassing, uncomfortable things to each other, all in the name of a big laugh.

Find them on their site The Tenderloins

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