Heart-Pounding Hits: Best Telugu Action Movies 2024

Here is the entrance to Aha, which opens up a world of one-of-a-kind OTT platforms. The platform is advertising selected Telugu full movies and web series collections, aiming to get everyone’s cinematic taste sewn up. Aha is not only a streaming service but a cinematic sanctuary where you can immerse yourself in an incredible library of content across all genres. Let’s delve into the gripping tales of three exceptional action Telugu moviesavailable on Aha: Hidimbha, The Great Indian Suicide and Month of Madhu.

  • Hidimbha:

Hidimbha is a Telugu movie directed by Aneel Kanneganti with psychological thrills and suspense. Ashwin Babu and Nandita Swetha are in lead roles, starring as Adyha and Abhay. She is a daring police officer, with team members that includes Abhay, who used to be her lover. Searching for the truth about the baffling disappeareances of girls in Hyderabad. They get chilled when a shocking pattern emerges – an unidentified assassin stalks only red-clad girls. The plot takes a sudden twist, uniting all the dots to reveal Hidimbha- a brutal aboriginal clan. With each moment on Aha Movies, Hidimbha keeps you at the edge of your seat with suspense and intrigue.

  • The Great Indian Suicide:

The Great Indian Suicide is a movie directed by Viplove Koneti that views love and family dynamics in an unconventional manner. The movie focuses on Hemanth, who forms a relationship with Chaitra. But their love faces a peculiar challenge – Chaitra’s family prepares a mass suicide to bring back someone from the dead after death. Actress Deborah Doris Fell, V Jayaprakash and Ram Karthik star in this movie. It portrays the convolutions of relationships people go to for their beliefs. Plunge into this weird story on Aha, for all unusual stories are welcome here.

  • Month of Madhu:

Month of Madhu is a 2023 Telugu full movie that falls into the romantic drama genre. It has been written and directed by SrikanthNagothi. Naveen Chandra and Swathi Reddy play lead roles in the movie produced by Yaswanth Mulukutla. Month of Madhu was released on 6th October. The story revolves around Lekha and Madhusudhan Rao, who are on the verge of divorce 20 years after marriage. Madhumitha is an NRI teenager who enters their lives, causing waves on a personal level in the process. Visit Aha for a heartfelt drama about relationships, choices and destiny.

Action Telugu Movie on Aha:

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Taking a Pathology Test With a Twist

Have you ever taken online quizzes that determine your personality? Some people might find it irrelevant and not factual, but there is some truth behind it. While other quizzes may look like they are meaningless, some of these online quizzes constitute facts.

Online quizzes are entertaining and likely full of knowledge that you need to look into. Some of these quizzes hold a kind of data that can read through your answers. While you think that they aren’t true, these quizzes were also built with real information that you might need.

What is even a pathology test?

It’s simple to understand once you know what pathology is.

Pathology is a branch of medical science that involves the study of diseases or injury. This field also will diagnose certain symptoms that link to medically known diseases. So in comes the test. The pathology test determines this within a person although taken outside from the four walls of a specialist. You answer some questions, and the online test would generate its results.

Taking a Pathology Test

If you have taken other personality tests online, this is the same kind of concept. Just that there is some really fun, entertaining and memorable twist when you take it. You can find it below.

So what is the twist?

Well, the twist is that the test itself is centered in the Winnie The Pooh story. The bear and his friends have conspiracy theories on how the characters were taken from the imagination of Christopher Robin who is battling with a certain disease.

So how does it work?

Each character found in the popular Winnie The Pooh has been diagnosed with a certain kind of disease such as OCD, Depression and Acute Anxiety disorder among others. Each of them have a specific disease or disorder accordingly set on each question that will appear on your screen.

pathology test

What more could you want from a personality test than seeing your favorite bear and his friends?

Do you really need it?

Well, you can give it a try. There’s no harm in just trying, right? And besides, it’s fun to answer questions and be able to understand some things that you do not really know what’s going on in your body and around you. Put some twist on your tests and make the fun out of it.

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