Instagram is the most used social networking site nowadays. And the reason for same is its’ feature of photo and video sharing, through which one can tell how they looked in a particular dress and at which restaurant they ate. So, it is clearly obvious that who are the most users of Instagram. Yes, Girls. Instagram has a number of women than men.

Instagram also has a feature of sharing every-day’s story. That is precisely telling your daily activity to others. And women are liking it so much that they even share pictures when they sleep, when they get up and when they eat.


The early years were those of Facebook until a new application hit the grounds on 6th October 2010. A new social media platform that came into being and everybody acquainted themselves with it in an anon. Later, as the application allured the masses towards it, it became an enormous hit. The application is none other than the biggest sensation among the plethora of social media apps present in the market today. The platform called Instagram. Coming with it, holding a symbiotic relationship were those pretty hearts that symbolize as the signature of love and validation for today’s generation; the likes.


  • Likes and the influences

As the popularity of Instagram grew more and more it started becoming the first preference of people to share their thoughts, spread messages and post lovely pictures. Amidst this many became social media influencers, models and celebrities and well, these were the people who enjoyed the vibrant love of the people in forms of likes and comments and shares and whatnot. Likes on Instagram became the figurative definition of love and acceptance. More the likes and the comments more widespread are the endearment and acceptance. But the question is that when we buy instagram likes, does it really hold the position of the utmost importance in one’s life to validate the fact that one is beautiful no matter what if they have a good heart and accept who one is as a person and how joyful and happy other people are in one’s company.

To conclude, the double taps and the likes one gets on their hearty smiling pictures should only be accepted to be true if behind those gleeful faces and exuberant smiles lays one’s own acceptance of themselves and not when it’s just set up to represent false grins. One should learn to love themselves for what they are.